Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I like the way a hand

[From my manuscript Unpublishable Poems]

I like the way a hand can cup
The temple,
The way the shank
Of the arm props it thus upon the knee
And the way a calf can angle to the floor
Or curl under the torso –
How they all fit together
From head to toe:
Like sculpted metal!
Although it is all just
A fortuitous alignment,
The body’s geometry
Performing its unexpected yoga.


  1. Liam, I am a friend and fellow writer with Maeve and she shared this on FB today. I love yoga, it is a wonderful gift to help me wind down in the evenings and really enjoyed this poem. The body mind and soul all fit together so well, all working perfectly. Maire

  2. Liam, hello from Oz...
    I'm another online poetry/writer friend of Maeve's, but from Australia.
    Lovely to be able to connect with you here in a number of ways, not just the poetry, though I love this little one.
    A fortuitous alignment indeed! Looking forward to reading more...

  3. Liam, hello from Oz,
    just tried to post a comment here, but it has disappeared..
    However, glad to meet you and to be able to access your writing , including this wry little poem..
    I am a poet/writer from australia, an online friend of maeve's, hence this link-up..
    Really enjoyed this one..

  4. Barbara... thanks so much. These days I write only a few poems a year. As someone once said I started out as a poet; that was too difficult so I write short stories; that was too difficult so I wrote novels.... I would add that was too difficult so I became an academic!

  5. I enjoyed your poem Liam. I too am a online writer friend of your sister Maeve. Like Barbara above, I too look forward to reading more of your work. Rachael

  6. I think I went the other way, Liam , but at the end of all my adventures, I found poetry the most satisfying..I left it to my husband to become an academic. Perhaps one in the family is enough! LOL.

  7. Replace sculpted metal! with sinuous boughs. Replace unexpected yoga with expected yoga. Or then again .. what can be worse than some hack who suggests some brash brush strokes over your latest art work .. or poetry by interminable wiki-methods. Sign me up for your first volume Liam. Keep up the good work :) David.

  8. Ha, David I will bear it in mind! Sinuous boughs, really man... sinuous boughs?