Sunday, September 25, 2011

10 things wrong: the bricks and mortar of critique

I am accumulating the books I think I am going to need (from my own library) for the 10 things wrong writing in the coming months in a set of large tubs and keeping them in the basement a few steps down from where I write these days.  On the left are literary sources, the center tub has environmental science/ecology titles, and the right is philosophy.  The philosophy tub has grown the most rapidly but the ecology pile, spilling over the edges, remains the biggest.

I have another pile right beside my desk which includes those volumes, including library books, that I am using at the moment.  Most of the work of this book is reviewing material that I am pretty familiar with, but rereading takes quite a bit of time.  Naturally, I am discovering that books that had long been favorites are less intriguing and useful to me now.


  1. I guess you have Peters R. H. (1991) A Critique for Ecology. Cambridge Univ. Press.

  2. Well, actually it is not in this collection here. I like the book though. He has perhaps too much of an emphasis on prediction as a litmus test for science but it is a fine book. (I had a copy in Dublin but I don't think I have a copy here).

  3. Yes, I also thought he was overrating predictive power, but it might be a good book to rub against.