Thursday, September 22, 2011

10 Things Wrong with Environmental Thinking: half a book

I have been entertained by Tim Morton's posts on the endgame for his book Realist Magic.  So inspired by these posts, I compiled into a single document all that I have written so far on "10 Things Wrong", my work in progress (WIP), and the namesake for this blog.  I have been writing this book as a suite of vignettes, paying very little attention so far to the way these all connect up.  However, I have a pretty comprehensive outline, and though the connector pieces will be less interesting to write the task should be relatively painless.

So the grand total so far is 40,000 words, a 200 page double spaced draft.  Though it feels like progress - the heft alone is a delight! - nonetheless, I know I am less than half way there.

All of this has been written since June - and demonstrates the unexpected advantages of open-heart surgery.  If it were not for my enfeebled condition, I would not have sat at home day after day for a few of months writing and editing.  I had forgotten - not sure how it was possible to forget this - that it is very difficult to fit in work on a project like this when other professorial duties prevail.  Since I am having an exciting quarter - great students, working on a new proposal, and trying to get a manuscript on our restoration experiment completed, launching the Institute for Nature and Culture's new blog - I cannot complain.  I am concerned though that I will loose the urgency to get this completed and I would love to have the entire first draft completed by next summer. 

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