Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some Recent Columns of Mine from 3quarksdaily

When the Fruit Ripens, Seed Scatters: Notes towards a History of Motility (May 2012)

Dwelling/Exile (April 2012)

In and of the City: the Cost of Urban Ecology’s Foundational Distinction (April 2012)

Trees Behaving Badly (March 2012)

The Human Peacock's Ghastly Tail (Feb 2012)
A Tiny Dying Such as This – Is There an Ongoing Mini Mass Extinction of Soil Invertebrates in the Midwest? (Jan 2012)

In The Kingdom of Decay: How a Motley Team of Subterranean Dwellers Ransacks the Dead and Liberates Nutrients for the Living (Dec 2011)

A Brutal Dance: The Walls of Limerick (Nov 2011)

“Mental-Rental”™ – a Device to Destabilize Capitalism (Oct 2011)

As Plain as the Nose on Your Face (A Ghost Story) (Sept 2011)

The Existential Equation – The Irish Pre-famine Population and the Dilemmas of a 7 billion person world (Aug 2011)

Brain, Liquefaction of (JULY 2011)

Life on a pillar: environmental thought and the odor of sanctity (JUNE 2011)

The Heart and the Beard: a surgical story told mainly in aphorisms (of 140 characters or less) (MAY 2011) 

An Ascetic Encounter: Oisín the bard and Saint Patrick at the source of the Dodder (MAY 2011) 

The Great Urination Event and other tales of the Nitrogen Cycle (with a note on why Earth Needs More Mulch) (APRIL 2011)

This is not a poem – learning by heart in a rote world (MARCH 2011)

Kant’s body and other natural disasters. (FEB 2011)

And The World Hummed Back -or- Ecologists and Their Bodies. (JAN 2011) 

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