Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Role for The Humanities in Environmental Sustainability?

I am writing a piece on the role of the humanities (let’s say philosophy, literature, religious studies, linguistics, performing arts etc) in fashioning environmental sustainability solutions in cities around the world.  Eventually, I intend to work on this more systematically and develop a suite of case studies, but for now it would be useful to get some input from you on what projects come to mind.  Specifically, I want to learn of projects where the humanities had or are having an impact on implementation of sustainability, even if this is an indirect impact.

I should perhaps point out that I don’t have any real hypothesis here other than an expectation that sustainability benefits from an interdisciplinary approach.  Nor do I think that such approaches are uncommon - I merely want to assemble a roster of projects.  

If you care to comment here or email me a lhenegha at gmail I’d also like to hear on the degree of difficulty encountered in tying to mesh these more humanistic approaches with one emanating from the sciences.

Your help appreciated!

UPDATE 29 August: An update on this project is posted here

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