Friday, July 6, 2012

Ireland 2012 in preparation for Ireland 2013

Many of the posts for the coming weeks will be about the National Parks and environs of Killarney, Connemara, and Wicklow.  I will travelling there in preparation for a study abroad trip scheduled there for DePaul students.  The program is co-directed by me and Randall Honold, a colleague at DePaul.  Randall's training is in philosophy, mine is in ecology: what could possibly go wrong. For more information on the trip see here.

I will be rereading and commenting on Robert Lloyd Praeger’s book The Way That I Went as I go.  Another book that will travel the circuit with me is Tim Robinson’s Connemara: A Little Gaelic Kingdom (Penguin Ireland, 2011), the third in his trilogy of Connemara books.  

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