Monday, April 7, 2014

Terraforming Mars: Let's dream awesome and terrifying things together.

A small working group of us of us plan on reading the literature on terraforming Mars.  If you care to join us our first meeting is tomorrow at 9 am in McGowan S 204, and we will meet regularly during the quarter.  By terraforming is meant the deliberate manipulation of planetary systems so that the planet becomes inhabitable by humans.  We do not assume that this is necessarily an ethical thing to do, nor, however, do we dismiss it out of hand.

If our little group is successful we envision doing some research on the topic in the months (and years ahead).

This is not science fiction folks.... it is however still a task for the imagination.  Let's dream awesome and terrifying things together.

My suspicion is that in 10 years times many dozens of people will claim that they were at our inaugural meeting. Make sure that you don't have to tell a planet sized lie.

Hit me up at if you are coming along

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