Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love in a Time of Objects - A Valentine's Day Poem

Love in a Time of Objects
For Vassia

here will be time enough on other days
For talk of Love, and Faith,
And the Gods
And of What Now Must We Do.

Today I remember
How one summer’s evening
On the dunes
The retiring sun lit up your face.
And how you turned from it,
Closed your eyes
And let it burnish you.

And how your feet made
A soft impress upon the wet sand,
And how the birds parted as you walked
And how they closed back in behind you.

And how clay yields to you
Seasons matter to you
Sunflowers nod at you
And you, in turn, turn to them.

Like flame takes to grass
Like wind tugs the leaves
Like grass calls to fire
Like leaves wait for the wind
Like the moon plucks upon the oceans.
Like oceans spread beneath the moon.

One night on a sidewalk in New York
You pulled me to you
And put your lips on my lips
So fiercely that it made me dizzy.

Is all this between objects
Love?  Let’s not talk about that today
Let everything that can, incline towards everything else.

14th Feb 2013


  1. Nice Liam, those lines "Like the moon plucks upon the oceans.
    Like oceans spread beneath the moon."
    I just discovered you on 3 quarks daily and have begun to read your blogs. Good to see your work.
    Costa Rica Mark

  2. Mark! Ah, how nice. Those were good days, those Costa Rica days. I miss them. Hope all is well with you.