Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Great Oppiella nova Census 2012: Kerosene Extractions

Sample Kit (these are available at the Env Science desk if any DePaul students want to help us sample for this project.)  Please contact me at lhenegha at gmail.  Or drop by 203 McGowan S.

DePaul Undergraduate Amanda Henderson taking sample in DePaul Urban Garden

Sample transferred into contained in lab (stored in 70% alcohol until critters can be extracted)

Sample is sieved in 150 u sieve - retaining mites but getting rid of small particles.

Small amount of kerosene added to sample - the soil critters float in kerosene.  Other parts of sample settle out

Rotating sample to mix the kerosene throughout the sample

Kerosene and arthropods are pipetted into sieve and rinsed in ethanol and placed in petri dish 

Amanda inspects sample under binocular microscope.

Oppiella nova - pictures taken in a previous photo shoot in the Heneghan lab.

For more on this project please visit here

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